Stand Up for Yourself After a Work Injury

Meet with a workers’ compensation attorney in Bloomfield, NJ

A workers’ compensation attorney can help if you’ve sustained an injury on the job. Make an appointment with The Law Offices Of Anthony L. Coviello, LLC today. Attorney Coviello has 35+ years of experience as a work injury attorney in Bloomfield, NJ. He’ll work with you to build a strong case for workers’ compensation.

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Do you have a case for workers’ comp?

It’s important to speak up if you’ve been injured on the job. But how do you know if your injury qualifies for workers’ compensation? Talk to a workers’ compensation attorney in Bloomfield, New Jersey if:

  • An accident at work left you injured
  • Repeated workplace stress has caused health issues
  • You were injured while doing a work-related task

These are just a few examples of work injury cases. Call The Law Offices Of Anthony L. Coviello today to learn more about fighting for workers’ compensation after any type of work-related injury. Attorney Coviello will work hard on your case to achieve the best possible results.

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